If you have been thinking to lose weight for a long period of time and getting stressed of the fact of how you look and feel. This is doing more harm as increase in stress levels is one of the biggest factors of weight gain. Fat loss takes time. So be patient.

For fat loss you should stop eating food items containing trans-fat.
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Lets quickly dive in to the various tips that you can follow to lose your belly fat :

  1. Reduce your stress levels.
  2. Increase the fiber content in your diet.(Soluble fiber)
  3. Avoid food items containing trans-fat.
  4. Eat protein-rich foods.
  5. Avoid alcohol.
  6. Eat less refined sugar and sugary food items.
  7. Avoid sweetened beverages and carbonated drinks.
  8. Do aerobic exercises/Cardio.
  9. Consume less carbohydrates.
  10. Prefer complex carbs and avoid refined carbs.
  11. Use coconut oil for cooking.
  12. Do weight training.
  13. Get plenty of restful sleep.
  14. Eat citrus fruits.
  15. Track your calories and exercise.
  16. Eat fish every week.
  17. Add apple cider vinegar to your diet.
  18. Eat probiotic foods or take probiotic supplements.
  19. Try intermittent fasting.
  20. Drink green tea.
  21. Do not skip meals.
  22. Eat raw foods such as whole fruits and salad (usually before meals).

How to keep track :

Try to follow the above mentioned tips for an extended period because fat loss takes time and a lot of determination and perseverance.Stay motivated by tracking your progress such as decrease in weight or waist size.Try different combinations of the above given tips so that you do not get bored of the process and enjoy this process to the fullest because eventually this goal achievement will increase your confidence and energy as never before.So don’t wait and start losing weight from today.

Stay Fit!

Healthy lifestyle is the key to a fit and disease-free life. If you pursue a healthy lifestyle, you will be in a good shape your whole life. So lets start today.Best of luck for your journey. Stay fit stay sexy!

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